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IBM 2200VA LCD 2U Rack UPS 230V

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IBM 2200VA LCD 2U Rack UPS 230V (53952KX)
IBM 2200VA LCD 2U Rack UPS 230V (53952KX)
IBM 2200VA LCD 2U Rack UPS 230V (53952KX)
IBM 2200VA LCD 2U Rack UPS 230V (53952KX)

IBM 2200VA LCD 2U Rack UPS 230V

  • Effekt 2.2kVA
  • Produkt Rackmount UPS

The IBM 2200VA UPS has a bright, easily customizable, and graphical LCD display that lets you configure the device and displays important UPS status information in one of nine languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese). The UPS is exceptionally easy to manage and an ideal solution for standardization across the global enterprise.

This UPS enhances system availability with Advanced Battery Management (ABM) technology, which significantly extends battery service life, allows individual control of receptacle groups to maximize run time for critical devices in the event of a prolonged power outage, and provides a real-time clock that enables precise shutdown and power up of systems in a preferred sequence, and records specific power-related occurrences for more accurate trending and data analyses.

The IBM 2200VA UPS integrates with IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager to help improve energy management..

Product features
- High-efficiency protection delivering more real power (Watts) in space-saving design.
- Nine language graphical Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), which provides management and monitoring capabilities.
- Hot-swappable batteries for maximum uptime, availability, and ease of maintenance.
- Standard intelligent IBM UPS Manager software to monitor, manage and to gracefully shut down the connected load in the event of a power failure.
- Optional Network Management Card (NMC) for enhanced UPS monitoring and control.
- Optional external battery module for scalable runtime requirements.
- Optional Environmental Monitoring Probe for thermal management requirements.

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