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IBM DDS Gen 5 USB TapeDrive

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IBM DDS Gen 5 USB TapeDrive (46C5399)

IBM DDS Gen 5 USB TapeDrive

  • Standard DDS
  • Type Tape

IBM DDS Generation 5 USB Tape Drive

The IBM DDS Generation 5 USB tape drive is the entry point into the IBM DDS tape drive family and offers dependable capacity and performance for value-conscious small and medium or distributed large enterprise businesses. DDS/DAT technology has the proven reliability and low cost of ownership to effectively meet the demanding backup, archival, and regulatory compliance requirements of your System x environment.

IBM DDS Generation 5 technology delivers a capacity of up to 72 GB on a single data cartridge and a transfer rate of up to 22 GB/hr (assuming a 2:1 compression ratio) at an entry price point. Its USB 2.0 interface supports internal plug and play capability with the latest System x systems, as well as external attachment in one of IBM's external tape drive enclosures. DDS Generation 5 technology is also backward read and write compatible with DDS-3 and DDS-4/DAT 40 media to ensure an easy migration or upgrade path for existing DDS/DAT users.

DDS/DAT products are built on a legacy of reliability and investment over many years. Reliability features include proven media, careful tape handling, two write heads for read-while-writing data verification, and advanced levels of error correction. DDS/DAT media is specified with a dependable shelf life in excess of 15 years, ideal for meeting today’s business and regulatory long-term archival requirements.

Description Part number Feature code
IBM DDS Generation 5 USB Tape Drive 46C5399 5711
IBM DDS Generation 5 Media 5-Pack Option 71P9158 Not available
IBM DDS Generation 5 Single Cartridge Option 59H4456 Not available
The part number for the DDS Generation 5 USB Tape Drive includes the following items:

  • IBM DDS Generation 5 USB Tape Drive (5.25 inch form factor)
  • Mounting screws
  • CD-ROM containing the DDS Generation 5 USB Tape Drive User’s Guide
  • Cleaning cartridge
  • Four USB cables for internal tape connectivity:
  • 14 inch USB cable with type 2x3 connector x3200 and x3200 M2
  • 28 inch USB cable with type B connector for x3400 and x3500
  • 12.5 inch USB cable with type 1x6 connector x3650 and x3655
  • 40 inch USB cable with type A locking connector for x3400 M2, x3500 M2, and x3650 M2


The DDS Generation 5 USB Tape Drive provides convenience and ease-of-use features while supporting high speed tape backup. The DDS Generation 5 USB Tape Drive provides the following features and capabilities:

  • USB interface allowing for direct internal connections with select System x servers
  • Eliminates potential RAID conflicts and extra controllers
  • 5.25-inch half-high form factor
  • Drive can be converted to 3.5 inch form factor either in the factory (CTO) or in the field using the appropriate enablement kit
  • Internal USB interface for simplified plug-and-play installation
  • Optional DDS Tape Enablement kits allow for internal installation in select IBM System x rack-optimized servers
  • Flexible external USB configuration offerings when used with desktop or 1U rack-mount enclosures
  • Support for leading operating systems and popular backup software


The DDS Generation 5 USB Tape Drive has the following specifications:

  • Up to 36 GB native capacity, and up to 72 GB in compressed mode
  • Up to 3.0 MBps native back-up rate, and up to 6.0 MBps in compressed mode
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Read/write compatibility with DDS-4, and DDS-3 cartridges


  • Available internal or external USB port
  • Available 5.25-inch half-high bay for internal installations
  • Supported external tape enclosure for external attachment

Physical specifications

The DDS Generation 5 USB Tape Drive has the following physical specifications:

  • Height: 41 mm (1.6 in)
  • Width: 102 mm (4 in)
  • Depth: 150 mm (5.9 in)
  • Weight: 0.72 kg (1.6 lb)

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