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IOGEAR Ultra-Fast Video Extender

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IOGEAR Ultra-Fast Video Extender (GW4K30GH60)
IOGEAR Ultra-Fast Video Extender (GW4K30GH60)
IOGEAR Ultra-Fast Video Extender (GW4K30GH60)
IOGEAR Ultra-Fast Video Extender (GW4K30GH60)
IOGEAR Ultra-Fast Video Extender (GW4K30GH60)
IOGEAR Ultra-Fast Video Extender (GW4K30GH60)

IOGEAR Ultra-Fast Video Extender

  • Type Video Extender / Receiver
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4K Ultra HD Without Wires
The Ultra-Fast 60GHz Wireless 4K UHD Video Extender (GW4K30GH60) is an ultra-high-performance wireless AV solution that enables you to transmit 4K Ultra High Definition video and high-quality digital 7.1 surround sound audio from an HDMI source over distances up to 60 feet with near-zero latency.

Enjoy Flexible TV or Projector Placement
Eliminate the time and expense required to run costly, unsightly cable. Enjoy the flexibility to place your video source and display equipment wherever it is most convenient in the same large room, such as in a home theater or conference room.

Superior Video Quality Supports Gaming & Streaming
The extender sends 4K Ultra HD video over the air up to 60 feet at near-zero latency with advanced wireless technology that is fast enough to support today's hottest gaming and streaming services. The technology enables exceptional video resolutions of 3840 x 2160 and supports the newest 4K UHD High Dynamic Range TVs and content.

Hi-Fidelity Audio Performance
In addition to superior video quality, the device also produces the highest standards of audio performance through Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD® Master Audio for true movie-quality soundtracks and clear LPCM digital audio streaming, meaning you hear it the way it was meant to be heard. With 7.1 multi-channel support, surround yourself in the sounds of your favorite movies and music.

Limited Interference – Dedicated Wireless
Utilizing the 60GHz frequency band for AV guards the extender against interference from common wireless devices that transmit on the 2.4 or 5GHz frequency bands such as most smartphones, laptops and IoT devices as well as Wi-Fi routers and access points. The extender provides a dedicated connection for your content, does not require an existing Wi-Fi network and is quick and easy to set up, simply plug in and press play!

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