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PanzerGlass PC Privacy Filter Lenovo Universal

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PanzerGlass PC Privacy Filter Lenovo Universal (0504)

PanzerGlass PC Privacy Filter Lenovo Universal

  • Type Screen Protector
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Protect the sensitive and confidential information on your PC with PanzerGlass™ PC Dual PrivacyTM Filter.

PanzerGlass™ PC Dual PrivacyTM Filter 14“ screen protector features a confidentiality filter which renders the content of the display almost invisible to everyone except the user of the PC. By using a privacy filter on your PC, you protect the sensitive and confidential information you access on your PC, no matter if you work in an open office, working from a café or being on a plane, train or bus.

The PanzerGlassTM Privacy filter for PCs represents Dual PrivacyTM, with a built in Webcam Cover. Simply slide left or right to open or close the webcam.

Aside from protection of confidential data and webcam cover, the privacy filter reduces blue light exposure and features an anti-glare coating, that reduces light reflections reaching your eyes without affecting the visibility of the display.

The PanzerGlassTM PC Dual PrivacyTM Filter is easily attached with hooks – no adhesive. Simply hang the filter on your screen using the hooks. And just lift it off when not in use. The filter can be stored on the back of the screen when not in use.

- Original PanzerGlass™ superior protection for your PC
- Confidentiality filter
- Easy attachment with hooks – no adhesive
- Webcam Cover with slider
- Edge- to edge – both screen and frame is protected
- Anti-glare coating (reduces light reflection)
- Blue light reduction

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