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POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play

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POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play (3D-FP-PL-2001-00)
POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play (3D-FP-PL-2001-00)
POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play (3D-FP-PL-2001-00)
POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play (3D-FP-PL-2001-00)
POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play (3D-FP-PL-2001-00)
POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play (3D-FP-PL-2001-00)
POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play (3D-FP-PL-2001-00)
POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play (3D-FP-PL-2001-00)

POLAROID 3D-Pen Fast Play

  • Type 3D scanner
  • ADF No
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Polaroid Trace App
Use the ‘stencilize’ button in the Polaroid Play Trace App to turn your photograph into an easy to copy from Stencil. Alternatively, trace imported templates and then assemble to create amazing 3D models.

Simply create your fun by building your own freehand 3D models or free-drawing int the air.

How to Use

1. Use the USB cable provided to connect to a DC5V 2A power source.

2. Press the Power button to turn on. The light will turn Red to indicate that the pen is heating up.

3. When the light turns Blue it means the pen is ready to use. Insert your Polaroid 3D Pen Filament (3 – ‘Filament loading’) and press and hold the Print button until you feel the filament being gently guided int the Pen.

4. The filament is fully loaded when you see the filament appear from the end of the nozzle. You are then ready to start creating your amazing 3D models!

5. You can speed up or slow down the extrusion depending on what you are creating using the speed control buttons. There are 7 speed settings in total. The number of green LED lights that are lit indicate the speed that the pen is set to.

6. 1 light lit is the slowest speed, all 7 lights lit are the fastest speed.

7. The Polaroid FAST Play 3D Pen comes with 3 different size nozzles to allow you to create your models faster or with different design techniques. To change the nozzle simply use the nozzle holder to unscrew current nozzle and screw in the nozzle you wish to use next. Remeber the pen must be at its correct operating temperature to do this.

Limitless Possibilities and Easy-to-Use
The Polaroid FAST Play 3D Pen lets you draw 3D models with ease!

- 3 interchangeable nozzles for faster model creation, and designs using different techniques!
- Simply use the pen holder to quickly and easily change from one nozzle size to another
- Use the latest Polaroid Play Trace App with great new functionality to stencil your own photographs and then bring them to life in 3D
- Alternatively trace existing or imported templates and then assemble the parts together, again using the pen, to create a 3D model
- Create your own 3D Pen community by sharing your designs and models via the Polaroid Play Trace App
- Use the same environmentally friendly plastic filament material (PLA) as the original Polaroid Play 3D Pen
- Select manual or automatic extrusion
- Features multiple print speed settings with LED indicator

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