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VERBATIM DVD+RW 4,7GB Branded Matt Silver 4xSpeed *5-pack* Jewel Case

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VERBATIM DVD+RW 4,7GB Branded Matt Silver 4xSpeed *5-pack* Jewel Case (43229)

VERBATIM DVD+RW 4,7GB Branded Matt Silver 4xSpeed *5-pack* Jewel Case

  • Type DVD+RW
  • Qty/Pack 5
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The world of data storage never stands still for long and it will come as little surprise to hear that, once again, Verbatim is leading the way in the world of DVD+RW disc technology.

This unique achievement has been made possible by Verbatim’s on-going commitment to research and development through its parent company Mitsubishi Kagaku Media in Japan. In order to facilitate such high-speed recording and re-writing, Mitsubishi developed a new technology based on an earlier version of the companies patented SERL (Super Eutectic Recording Layer) technology.
There are several rewritable formats that already exist: DVD+RW, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM, but of these only the DVD+RW format provides full compatibility with existing DVD Video players and DVD-ROM drives.
DVD+RW is supported by a group of seven companies: Verbatim / MCC, Philips, HP, Ricoh, Sony, Thomson and Yamaha. Always on the forefront of technology, Verbatim have DVD+RW media to support the initial PC and consumer video hardware launches.


  • SERL Technology
  • Superior Archival Life
  • Recordable in CLV (Video) or CAV (PC data) formats
  • Compatible with Philips®, HP®, Dell®, and other DVD+RW drives and video recorders
  • Read compatible with most DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives
  • 1000 overwrites
  • Lifetime Warranty

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